Public Education

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled in October that the more than $4 billion a year the state spends on aid to its public schools isn't sufficient under the Kansas Constitution.  And independent research shows an additional $1.7 billion to $2 billion increase over 5 years will help improve test scores and graduation rates. Kansas ranks 42nd among the 50 state and the District of Columbia, according to the NEA, in average teacher salary.  As a product of publics schools, this is unacceptable.

We must adequately fund and invest in our educational system.




Equal Voting Rights

“The nation should move toward interstate uniformity of voting methods and registration incorporating technologies and systems we already use in our everyday lives.”  As an IT professional who has worked in programming environments such as these, this is a challenge I would love to lead. We want to enfranchise voters and encourage as much participation in the election with the use of technology, early voting, same-day registration, less-restrictive registration, and overall system that is convenient and informed.  We need to change Kris Kobach’s political efforts and ensure that all voices are heard.

It's important for every voice to count in every election.  I support expanding access to the ballot boxes.




Expand Medicaid

The House and the Senate both passed the Medicaid expansion bill in 2017 to help cover healthcare costs for 150,000 Kansans who were unable to get or afford adequate healthcare.  Unfortunately, Governor Brownback vetoed the bill. In 2018, due to the more conservative leaders, and the new Governor, Medicaid expansion wasn’t even on the table. We have lost over $3 billion dollars in revenue by not accepting federal assistance.  Accepting federal dollars for Medicaid expansion is a top priority for me.

District 15 is the lowest economic district in Johnson County, so it is imperative that KanCare is expanded to cover those who cannot afford health care.  





As a minority, I understand the struggles and barriers faced in our community.  Each voice is unique, each voice is important and each voice needs to be heard. District 15 has the richest diversity of almost any district in Kansas.  I want our rich cultural differences to be seen, heard and appreciated. That’s what makes this district, this community, special.

Every culture, every race, every language, every disability, every religion and every person matters.