The 15th State Legislative District is home to more than 23,000 people in the heart of Olathe, Kansas. It is the most diverse Legislative District in Johnson County and is central to the Deaf Community. In the heart of Olathe, this district is also poorest economic district in Johnson County. With more than 30% of its population non-white, District 15 is the most diverse legislative district in Johnson County. It also boasts the highest percentage (16.5%) Latinx population as well. During his previous Congressional campaign, Haulmark often illustrated the parallel between the Deaf Community and Latinx Community in regards to language. “Non-native English users face many of the same barriers to information, whether that be by the media or otherwise,” Haulmark often spoke. Not only does Haulmark feel he can represent the Latinx Community in District 15, he also represents a very strong Deaf Community that is central to his district. “District 15 hosts the Kansas School for the Deaf, The Olathe Club of the Deaf and The Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture, the only Deaf independent, privately-operated museum in the United States.”