A fighter

As a Deaf person, Chris does not see himself as having a disability.  He sees it as an opportunity to break barriers, change perceptions and continually have an open dialogue about equality.  Throughout his childhood, Chris was a student in the public school system. He faced the barriers that many non-English users face in the public schools.  As a second-language user, Chris understands the frustration and barriers that many in District 15 face. Chris will fight for your equality, for your language and for your rights. 

A problem-solver

Chris’s career experience includes working as a PC Technician, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Security Analyst, and an IT manager within the government sector.  In his last position as IT Manager, Chris supervised over 300 non-deaf employees. Early in his career, Chris was a main contributor to the FreeBSD Project in which he resolved bugs, improved performance, and designed pathways for the entire project.  His contributions include a major breakthrough in the IT field which increased the speed of network communications between many computers. This contribution to the FreeBSD Project spread to other operating systems such as the Microsoft Windows family, Apple OSX, and Linux distributions.  Today, those modern operating systems are still using what he contributed approximately 14 years ago. 

A leader

In 2015, a few years after leading an IT department, Chris helped mobilize a grassroots movement on a national scale. It became known as the Deaf Grassroots Movement (DGM).  In 2018, Chris appeared at the Nation's Capitol as one of the leaders of the DGM, and the Kansas DGM representative, for the 2018 rally and march. Chris spoke to the crowds that gathered on the Capitol lawn that day about working with lawmakers, making change, and to keep working hard.

A voice

District 15 is the most diverse district in Johnson County.  And quite often, minorities and marginalized groups are not part of the bigger picture and bigger conversations in our political landscape.  As a minority and second-language user, Chris not only experiences this, he will ensure that all voices are brought to the table, are part of the plans and are part of the solutions.  This starts with informing each and every voter of their voting rights, getting each and every constituent registered and ensuring that each and every one of their votes counts.